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While great food and excellent customer service are at the top of the list for restaurants to strive to maintain, the furniture in your establishment is also an important factor. Customers come to a restaurant to relax and enjoy a meal out without the stress of grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. The design of your restaurant needs to be a comfortable space and pleasurable ambiance to entice your customers back for future visits. Choosing the right seating may differ depending on the type of establishment. Let’s take a glimpse at a few types of restaurants and the recommended seating options:

FAST FOOD – With the quick service options, serving people on the go is the focus. Metal chairs, laminate or resin tabletops are common because they are stain resistant, durable and easy to clean.

CAFÉ OR BISTRO – Solid wood or granite tabletops are popular in this intimate and relaxed ambiance setting. Wood chairs and bar stools are also common to portray a distinctive look.

FAMILY STYLE DINING – Cozy booths, solid wood or reversible tabletops are often found in family style dining establishments. Seating may also feature wood or metal chairs.

FINE DINING – Attention to detail is required in fine dining. Seats may be wooden, but well cushioned to keep customers comfortable. High quality solid wood tabletops and upholstered chairs are usually found along with décor to help justify the higher prices and cuisine.

At SIMS Superior Seating, we definitely understand the importance of a positive customer dining experience. Contact us today at 800-729-9178 and let our experts help you furnish all of these types of establishments.