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Last month at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show, restaurateurs packed the Tech Pavilion to review five restaurant technology trends. Searching for solutions to increase sales, manage business and improve customer service were the motivators to explore these technological trends.

  1. DIGITAL MENUS – Paper menus are being replaced by digital options. Over time this trend could provide cost savings, eliminate the need for reprinting and increase sales – all without sacrificing great service.
  2. PERSONALIZED MARKETING – Tools can help restaurants customize their offerings based on past customer behavior. One company showcased a system that integrated with the restaurant’s POS system and allows the restaurant to market individual guests via email, text or social media.
  3. MEDIA INTEGRATION – Managing multiple systems and hardware can become cumbersome. Products offered help restaurants to integrate digital signage and menus, automated order taking, social media, music, etc. without having to control it on a PC.
  4. ELECTRONIC SCHEDULING – To help eliminate the hassle of restaurant schedules and last minute changes, digital tools can make the process easier for both managers and employees. Now restaurant managers and employees can set schedules, request time off, swap shifts and view the schedule via smartphones and tablets.
  5. DATA SECURITY – Due to recent data breaches at major retailers, restaurants are making sure their customers’ payment information stays secure. One company has a tool that immediately encrypts cards when they are swiped and sends immediate alerts when a card is fraudulent.

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