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tape-measureThe Perfect Fit Every Time. 

SIMS has been manufacturing high quality furniture to meet the diversified needs of the hospitality and food service industry since 1977. Our goal is to provide the best valu and unmatched quality over the life of the product.Customers appreciate our custom aesthetics and the durability of quality seating. SIMS furniture will make a positive, lasting impression on your customers, clients and employees. Enhance your establishment today by browsing our superior products.

Standard Restaurant and Dining BoothsPouf Booths and Ottomans for Lounges, Waiting, Dining, Hospitality

Waiting Benches and Business or Hospitality SeatingSeating Dividers for Restaurants, Booths, Dining Booths

Chairs and Barstools for Bars, Sports Bars, Restaurants, HotelsHospitality and Business Trash Receptacles and Planters