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Four Reasons to Partner with SIMS

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logo-bottom-rightSIMS Superior Seating has been manufacturing high-quality restaurant and hospitality furniture since 1977. Let SIMS furniture leave a positive, lasting impression on your customers, clients, and employees.



1. EXPERIENCE – SIMS Superior Seating continues to be a leader in the restaurant and hospitality furniture industry — serving both regional and national chains. Over the course of 40 plus years, SIMS has managed to build a proven reputation for superior quality and durability.

2. HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS – Give your customers the highest quality hospitality seating available. We stand behind our furniture.

3. INSTALLATION – We go the extra mile to get it right the first time. No one wants to get to the day of installation only to find that something isn’t quite right. You won’t find that with SIMS. Our meticulous design and manufacturing process means that the seating is right and the project will be just as we promised. Have full confidence in your partnership with SIMS Superior Seating.

4. INNOVATIVE AND DURABLE SEATING – Your customers comfort is our goal with our innovative and durable seating designs. SIMS provides classic and trendy designs to fit any decor. Durability in heavy traffic seating areas means that any Sims product will look inviting for years to come.

If you are ready to work with a dedicated and committed leader in the restaurant and hospitality furniture industry, give SIMS a call today at 800-729-9178. We look forward to working with you!




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logo-bottom-rightWe are excited you are considering SIMS and we have put together some frequently asked questions to help with your research!





A: SIMS Superior Seating has been manufacturing high-quality furniture since 1977. Serving regional and national chains — SIMS has a solid reputation for superior quality and durability.


A: Standard booths, pouf booths, ottomans, waiting benches, seating dividers, chairs, barstools, planters, trash receptacles and more! You can view our catalog of current products right here.

Q:  I’ve been browsing your website and I’ve come across some terminology that’s new to me. Can you explain?

A: We have put together a list of common terms and definitions right here on our website. If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call at 800-729-9178.

Q: Can you manufacture our custom design?

A: SIMS has the ability to produce anything you might think of when it comes to wood furniture design. If you have something in mind that doesn’t quite fit the “standard design”, give us a call and we can discuss your ideas.

If you are ready to work with a dedicated and committed leader in the restaurant and hospitality furniture industry, welcome to the SIMS family! Give us a call today at 800-729-9178.


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#6poufThe word “pouf” is defined by The Free Dictionary as a “large solid cushion, usually cylindrical or cubic in shape and used as a seat”. An “ottoman” is defined as a “low padded seat, usually arm-less, sometimes in the form of a chest; a cushioned footstool”.

SIMS Superior Seating is the authority on these two types of furniture. Pouf booths and ottomans are very common pieces of furniture in the hospitality and restaurant seating industries and are commonly found in waiting areas of restaurants, churches, lobbies of resorts and casinos, and in lounges.

POUF BOOTH SEATING – We can build the right pouf booth for your design needs. Round or racetrack? Will it hold a centerpiece or wrap around a column? Victorian, Art Deco or Post Modern? We can design a simple, yet functional style. Let us take it to the next level with button tufting, arms with wood accents, and a variety of leg and base treatments.

OTTOMANS – This type of furniture isn’t just for resting your legs anymore. Ottomans are multi-functional in suite concepts as alternatives to coffee tables or flexible seating in casual settings. Share your concept and we’ll make it happen. Simple or jazzy, we’ve got you covered.

If you think your establishment could benefit from pouf booth seating and ottomans, give SIMS a call at 800-729-9178.


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TR-52-Trash-Receptacle-350x350Is there more to SIMS than seating? The answer is yes! 

  1. PLANTERS: Available in Red Oak or Standard Laminate. Each planter is manufactured to your specifications and finished with Laminate or Beaded Wood and fitted with a galvanized liner. Planters are priced per foot.
  2. TRASH RECEPTACLES are manufactured to your specifications and finished with Laminate along with a Natural Red Oak Tray Fence. Each receptacle is able to hold a standard 35-gallon trash can.  Plain “THANK YOU” or “PUSH” lettering available on the flip door. 
  3. SEATING DIVIDERS are made to your specifications and finished to match your décor. 

For more information regarding the additional products that SIMS Superior Seating offers, contact us at 800-729-9178. And remember-beauty, durability, and functionality are not just reserved for seating!