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Group of mixed students celebrating completion of high schoolAccording to Industry Edge, one quarter of the U.S. population consists of The Millennial generation (ages 18-35). Being an influential demographic, restaurants of all sizes and types are trying to connect with this food-loving, tech-savvy consumer base. During a recent panel discussion at the National Restaurant Association Show, connections, attractions and the ability to earn the millennial diners’ brand loyalty is key to chain restaurant chefs.

Social media plays a major role in connecting with millennials. They are interested in brands’ stories and why the products and the brands connect with their lifestyle. By being active on social media and having an engaging web presence, establishments such as Dunkin’ Brands, share recipes and stories that encourage consumers to interact with the brand outside of the store. “It’s really about that connectivity and making a connection with our brand and our guests … they want to feel that connection all throughout their choice,” said Heidi Curry, senior manager of global R&D for bakery at Dunkin’ Brands. Other brands publish profiles of team members and news about restaurant technology. By sharing stories that millennials can relate to, you are building brand loyalty and repeat future business.

This generation knows what they want. They do not take anything for granted. If they don’t like the way something is being done, they will vocalize their concerns and expect to be heard.

Millennials are changing the restaurant landscape and setting expectations. Connecting with them is essential for establishments beyond securing sales. They are making strides not just for their own generation, but for future generations as well.

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