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Our Story

The SIMS Story

“We wondered if the world would beat a path to our door if we made a better restaurant booth. It did. And we wondered if we located the plant in our hometown whether people could find it. They did. And we wondered if we could find the people to help make the business a continuing success. We did.” – Charles Sims

Welcome to the Sims Superior Seating Factory Building

Sims is debt free and dedicated to maintaining its family ownership for many years to come.


The SIMS Superior Seating story began in 1947 when Kathy Sims’ father became the first genuine manufacturer of booth seating in Georgia. Thirty years later, that legacy of building unrivaled and quality restaurant furniture was handed down to the next generation – Charles and Kathy Sims. From humble beginnings in a rented cotton warehouse to a now 60,000 sq. ft. factory employing the best craftsman the industry has to offer; SIMS Superior Seating continues to be second to none!

SIMS Superior Seating – “Craftsmanship in Production” since 1977.

What makes SIMS superior:

  • Superior customer service
  • Superior sinuous wire springs that set an industry standard in seating
  • Superior quality and durability in all of our products
  • Superior dedication to your project, customization, and needs


Craftsmanship in Production


       Charles and Kathryn Sims

SIMS Superior Seating has been manufacturing high-quality furniture to meet the diversified needs of the hospitality industry since 1977. Our goal is to provide the best value and unmatched quality over time. In fact, durability is an essential requirement which is often ignored in mass-produced furniture. We strive to hold down cost and raise our quality standards to the utmost.

While other manufacturers find ways to take things out of their products to hold down the unit cost, this will not happen with SIMS if it could negatively impact the structural integrity and comfort of the furniture.

We look forward to learning about your upcoming project and working with you on the exact customization needs that your work demands.

                                                                                                                           Charles and Kathryn Sims