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If the first 5 diners of the Top 10 Classic American Diners haven’t got your mouth watering, these next 5 surely will. According to the, we will take a trip with Mile High Biscuits in Utah, through the Silver Crescent City where they “love them one and all”, to a 1939 classic “vinyl seating and marble countertops” diner in one of the prettiest towns in America. Bon Appétit!

5. Ruth’s Diner (Salt Lake City, UT) – Serving comfort food since 1930, Ruth’s diner is one of the oldest dining establishments in the state of Utah. Specialties such as the Mile High Biscuits with Country Gravy and the Holy Smokes Pulled Pork Sandwich with homemade barbeque sauce will surely have you coming back for more.

4. Mickey’s Dining Car (St. Paul, MN) – Looking for something opened 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, then Mickey’s is your best bet. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, featured on Food Network and a landmark star in several Hollywood films, Mickey’s has been serving good food at a fair price since 1939.

3. Slim Goodie’s Diner (New Orleans, LA) – The incredible fare and toe-tapping music aren’t the only reasons visitors from around the world visit Slim Goodie’s Diner in New Orleans. Slim Goodie’s Diner embodies the heart and soul of giving back to the community. After Hurricane Katrina (and without power), the staff rallied and helped feed hundreds of local residents. After Hurricane Isaac, again they rallied and helped feed displaced victims. They definitely stand by their proclamation of “the best customers anyone could ask for, we love them one and all!”

2. A1 Diner (Gardiner, ME) – Serving a fresh menu since 1946 with ingredients locally sourced, A1 Diner is committed to serving their community. If you are lucky to stop by, try out their Sicilian Lamb Stew and seasonal treats such as Pumpkin Caramel Pudding.

1. Wellsboro Diner (Wellsboro, PA) – Located in one of the prettiest towns in America, visitors enjoy a home cooked meal in Wellsboro Diner after visiting the gorge at the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. Step back into time when they opened their doors in 1939 and enjoy a mouthwatering mile-high cake or one of their famous baked on-site pies.

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