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gallery6.jpgYou’ve been passionate about cooking since you were a kid making memories with your parents in the kitchen. Now you’ve turned your passion into a reality by opening your dream bistro. There are many things that go into opening a restaurant, but we are going to discuss 5 kitchen tools you need to purchase from a restaurant supply store. These few items will make a huge difference between a “food joint” and delivering what you intended – a reflection of your passion turned into a unique and quaint culinary experience.


If you have a tight budget initially, there are many options to choose from that won’t set you back. Look for lightweight but sharp chef’s knives with plastic handles. Also invest in a knife sharpener to help prolong the life of the edges.


Regardless if you already have a great butcher block, plastic boards in a variety of sizes are always good tools to have on hand for cutting, slicing and dicing.


You can find quality, sturdy metal or glass mixing bowls in the restaurant supply stores. You may want several sets on hand for mixing wet and dry ingredients. They are typically inexpensive, practically indestructible and can sometimes double as double boilers.


The ideal purchase would be All-Clad pans, however this isn’t always in the budget when first opening an eating establishment. Strong aluminum pans that can withstand high heat and high-stress cooking are a great second choice.


These pans aren’t just for baking cookies. Baking sheets or sheet pans are very versatile. Look for heavy-duty pans that won’t buckle or warp. Stock up on half-sheet pans and quarter-sheet pans for a variety of cooking applications such as toasting nuts and other prep projects.

All of these items can be found in your local restaurant supply store or online. Just take the time to do a little research and you can stock your bistro kitchen with these tools on a budget and still deliver great results to your customers.

Once you are ready to start your adventure, contact SIMS Superior Seating, a leading expert in the hospitality furniture industry since 1977. We can help you choose high quality furniture for your new establishment within your budget. Contact us today at 800-729-9178.


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Charles and Kathryn Sims

Charles and Kathryn Sims

SIMS Superior Seating has been manufacturing high quality furniture to meet the diversified needs of the restaurant and hospitality industry since 1977. The goal of founders Charles and Kathryn Sims has always been…

“To provide the best value and unmatched quality over time. In fact, durability is an essential requirement, which is often ignored in mass-produced furniture. We strive to hold down cost and raise our quality standards to the utmost.”

Charles and Kathryn were not strangers to the restaurant furniture manufacturing industry. Kathryn’s father was the first genuine manufacturer of booth seating in Georgia. With a legacy of booth making traditions since 1947, Charles and Kathryn decided to start their own business in 1977. In a rented cotton warehouse, they employed many of the trusted folks in the industry to carry on the family booth making tradition.

“We wondered if the world would beat a path to our door if we made a better restaurant booth. It did. And we wondered if we located the plant in our hometown whether people could find it. They did. And we wondered if we could find the people to help make the business a continuing success. We did.” – Charles Sims

With a strong commitment to the family tradition and a management staff with over 150 years of booth making experience, SIMS Superior Seating has become a leader in the restaurant and hospitality furniture industry. Serving over 20 different regional and national chains, SIMS’ service to their customers has given them the reputation for superior quality and durability.

If you are ready to work with a dedicated and committed leader in the restaurant and hospitality furniture industry, welcome to the SIMS family! We look forward to learning about your upcoming projects and advising you on the exact customization needs that your work demands. Give us a call today at 800-729-9178.


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IMG_0574According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), American eating habits are shifting more towards “food away from home” (picking up from restaurants) rather than getting food at grocery stores. Hudson Riehle, Senior Vice President, Research & Knowledge Group for the NRA, says that 75% of restaurant industry traffic is off-premise. Whether a customer is ordering takeout or delivery, 75% of Americans are not consuming the food in the restaurant, but are consuming it elsewhere. Here are a 3 reasons why this trend is being seen today.

DOMESTIC DUTIES OUTSOURCED: If we are living in a society that outsources domestic duties such as cleaning, child care and transportation, why not the kitchen? By outsourcing the kitchen duties, more time is allowed to spend with your family or friends doing something you probably enjoy more.

PRESSURE LIFTED TO COOK HOME-COOKED MEALS: Unlike the past when many of us ate home-cooked meals 95% of the time, things have changed. Most families have dual-working parents, multiple extracurricular activities for the kids, extended education programs and more; and having the time to spend a few hours in the kitchen can be a difficult task. We have become busier than ever these days and it’s no surprise that few of us have the time to shop, prep and cook meals on our own. No wonder it’s easier for us to turn to restaurants to provide those services for us.

COST AND TIME SAVINGS: As discussed already, the amount of time spent in the kitchen can add up to time you don’t always have, especially during the week. By outsourcing your kitchen, you can gain back the time and often the cost. Cost of gas to visit several grocery stores to find all the ingredients. Cost of a babysitter or daycare if you long to shop without your children. Cost of organic or exotic foods that are either hard to find or you have to buy in larger amounts that you will ever need. Cost of food you purchase that may rot or go stale before you consume it. By outsourcing you can spend more time with your family and friends and save a few Benjamins in the meantime.

This is an interesting trend, however this might not be something you choose to do 7 days a week. Many families do enjoy some time in the kitchen together. But for those days that it seems more like a stressful chore, pick up your phone or jump online and place that order!

For more information regarding SIMS Superior Seating and the seating products we offer, please give us a call at 800-729-9178.






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trendingHow widespread is franchising? According to the International Franchise Association (IFA), “by 2001, there were 767,483 business establishments in all domestic franchise systems (either owned by franchisors and franchisees), which employed almost 10 million people, with direct output close to $625 billion, and a payroll of $230 billion.  These establishments account for significant percentage of all establishments in many important lines of business: 56.3% in quick service restaurants, 18.2% in lodging, 14.2% in retail food, and 13.1% in table/full service restaurants”.

Investing in a franchise is the best way to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself. Think of it as the opportunity to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit, but have the back up and support of a mentor (the franchisor). But as with any major decision, you should thoroughly research the industry and the options of owning a franchise. You should also explore the dynamics of fostering a positive relationship with the franchisor and make sure you are clear with your expectations. Your mission should be to consistently bring value to the franchise and not just collect fees. Here are three reasons why people make the investment in a franchise:

1. BE IN CHARGE OF YOUR DESTINY – Many prospective franchisees are frankly tired of depending on someone else to write their future. Frustration in the workplace, micro-managing bosses or corporate politics can drive many people to seek opportunities where they are able to have the final say in relation to business decisions.

2. FINANCES AND RETIREMENT GOALS – In the past 15 years there is an increasing trend in large corporations to downsize more experienced managers in the 45-60 year old bracket. It’s difficult to gain employment at the level they are accustomed to living. Owning a franchise can help them accomplish the goal of employment and help them acquire a significant amount of wealth for retirement.

3. LIFESTYLE GOALS – Adopting a positive work-life balance is very important to many prospective franchisees. The desire to reduce business travel, working hours and job related stress is a huge motivation for investing in a franchise. And with so many franchise opportunities to choose from, a prospective franchisees will undoubtedly find the option that best matches their needs.

Are you interested in owning a franchise? Visit the International Franchise Association (IFA) for tips and information to help you get started.

Once you are ready to start your adventure, contact SIMS Superior Seating, a leading expert in the hospitality furniture industry. We can help you make a positive, lasting impression on your customers, clients and employees with high quality furniture designed to meet the diversified needs of the food service and hospitality industry since 1977. Contact us at 800-729-9178 for more information.